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" Protect your sport and obey the one joule rule."

( One joule = 328 feet per second. )


       Is it legal in the Republic of Ireland to collect, posses and

       regularly use the items found on this website ?



        The Criminal Justice act of 2006 


        This Act made amendments to the previous firearms acts of 1925, 1963,

        1972 and 1990. Previously a firearms licence was required for any device

        capable of discharging a missile/projectile from a barrel.


        Under the new amendment in short the law now regognises a firearm as

        any arm with a muzzle energy greater than one joule of kinetic energy.

        This amendment was brought in to remove the anomaly in the previous

        firearms acts whereby any childs toy ( dart guns and the like ) could be

        legally classified as an actual firearm. 


        Having now came into line on this issue with most of our E.U. Member

        States, it is now legal to posses and use airsoft guns here in the Republic

        without the requirement of a firearms license.


        Those of you reading this from outside the Republic will need to check

        with your own local legislation with regard to this matter. 

        A direct link to the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association can be

        found below which provides all the legal information for the U.K. and N.I.


        However if you power up your Airsoft Electric Gun / pistol above the

        legal one joule level or purchase any gun which exceeds this level,

        well then technically you would need a firearms license as the law

        now stands.                


        Further information regarding airsoft in Ireland, player membership and

        legal info can be found on the Irish Airsoft Association's website.

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