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Green gas, CO2 Bulbs, BB's, Batteries, and Chargers

All the consumables you need to keep your guns running. 


This delivery ticket allows you to receive multiple items up to 30 kgs in weight to anywhere in the 32 counties for just one charge.

Suitable for all orders, large or small.

Please don't forget to email us or text us with your contact number for our courier and allow

2 to 3 days for delivery time !   ( We use Fastway couriers for our deliveries. )



0.20g SWISS ARMS AMMO ( WHITE - CONTAINS 5000 )green gas

Swiss Arms 0.20g BB's are a high quality, highly polished pellet and are our standard BB for all our guns.

Ideal for guns with tight bore barrels and upgrades !


0.25g SWISS ARMS AMMO ( WHITE - CONTAINS 4000 )bb''s king arms

Swiss Arms 0.25g BB's are offered as the same high standard pellet in a slightly heavier option.

Ideal for guns with tight bore barrels and upgrades !


SWISS ARMS EXTREME GAS ( 600ml )extreme blowback gas

Swiss Arms green gas is suitable for pistols with plastic or metal slides and it is considered a high powered propellent and also contains silicone oil to help keep your moving parts in tip top shape.


CO2 GAS BULBS / CAPSULES ( PRICED PER UNIT )co2 bulbs cannisters

CO2 bulbs / capsules can be used in all our CO2 powered guns, however we recommend that you regularly oil your CO2 pistols with silicone oil to prevent wear and tear.


SWISS ARMS SILICONE OIL ( 130ml )silicone oil

Keep your airsoft guns in good working order with Swiss Arms Silicon Power Booster Oil, perfect for all internal and external parts, vital for all guns with rubber seals.

CAUTION! Avoid contact with eyes, do not inhale and keep away from children ! 


8.4V STICK BATTERY ( 1600 mah )ak battery

9.6V MINI TYPE BATTERY ( 8 CELL - 1100 mah )9.6v battery batteries

8.4V MINI TYPE BATTERY ( 7 CELL - 1400 mah )8.4v battery

9.6v LARGE TYPE CRANE STOCK BATTERY ( 2000 mah )battery airsoft

7.4v Li-ion BATERY CHARGER - 2 PINbattery charger

Intended for use with Strikearms new 11.4v Li-ion stick batterys !


11.1V LIPO CHARGER - 2 PINchargers

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