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Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for service & upgrades.

We offer a general service for as little as €40.00.

upgrades airsoft parts mech box


  A deposit is required on all general service and upgrades.                        € 20.00


 General service, ( Price is for the service only, parts would be extra.)        € 40.00


 Hop-up improvement, supply and fit of a Madbull Blue Hop-up.                € 25.00                                                                     


 Improve your FPS and accuracy, with fitting of a tight bore barrel and a

 Madbull Blue Hop-up.                                                                      € 60.00                                                                


 Gas pistol Magazine ( seal / valve repair.)                                             €  5.00


 Please Note: Service on rifles and pistols can take time as difficult

 to obtain parts need to be especially ordered in.

 Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for your service and upgrades.


 Pre-Owned Guns

 Currently we take a 40% mark up for the store on pre-owned rifles and pay out cash for your old guns after they sell in the store.

 This is subject to inspection and is regardless of brand names. 


airsoft repairs upgrades barrels


  Are you happy with your

AEG's performance ?





 Are you finding that your AEG is under-performing. For just € 10.00 our technician

 will inspect your air nozzle, mech box, hop up rubber for wear or damage, examine

 your motor wires for looseness, your motor plate for noise and make adjustments.


 He will then contact you with any neccessary tips or suggestions to improve it's



 This is a stand alone fee and there is no obligation to have any service or further

 work carried out on your AEG.



 Warranty & Returns:


 Due to the nature of use of airsoft guns and equipment, we only accept returns on

 faulty products for a period of 28 days after purchase. In the unlikely event that

 you have to return a faulty item, will either repair or replace it at

 our own discretion. Items must be returned in original packaging with all accessories.

 Return courier fees are non-refundable. will only accept returns on items that have not been modified in any

 way. You automatically void your warranty by dismantling your product for any

 reason other than basic maintenance. If you have a problem with your airsoft

 product, do not attempt to dissasemble it, return it to us and we will determine the

 action to be taken.

                            We have means of testing if a product has been dismantled by

 the customer and these returned items will not be honoured under our warranty.

 For returns, please phone or email us with your problem or drop into our store.



Please Note:

                     Our 28 days warranty on damaged or faulty goods, refers to internal faults

                     or breakages it does not cover you for external physical damage caused

                     through general use or accidental damage !!!

                     We will of course do our very best to fix all breakages we receive.


New Policy:  All repaired rifles and pistols must be paid for and collected within three

                           months begining on 02/01/2013 otherwise they will be sold on.